House Master v5

What is HouseMaster?

House Master allows the householder with Broadband access to control electrical circuits in the home or business premises from anywhere else on the Internet.

What can I do with HouseMaster?

bulletTurn on your heating/hot water before you drive home from work.
bulletMonitor important equipment or processes.
bulletRemotely power up a PC or any other piece of electrical equipment
bulletSee who's been sniffing around your front door...
bulletWhat time did the teenagers really get in last night/ this morning!

History of House master.

Back in 1994 I decided it would be good if the house looked as though it were occupied when we were out.

House master - the prototype was born. 6502 8bit microprocessor based, it opened the curtains in the front room at dawn and closed them at dusk. The inside light would come on when the curtains closed and go off under timer control when they opened or after 10pm.

The prototype was succeeded by HCC2. This more powerful version provided user friendly access from the IBM Compatible PC via the serial port and Hyper-terminal shipped with windows.

HCC2 now controls our boiler, hot water immersion heater, curtains, washing machine and dishwasher taking advantage of low rate electricity and automatically sensing light level and hot water tank temperature.

Using a VPN (virtual private network) connection we can control the house master from anywhere on Internet.

The latest version (5) uses the PIC based LAN/IP board that we configure and attach to a control box to control ANY circuit in your home. It is pass-worded for security and requires a permanent broadband fixed IP or referenced dynamic IP address in order to work. Now you can be in when you're out!

Bring a PC into the equation and we can add security camera access and image grabbing as soon as there is activity in front of the camera!

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